New Clients

Due to COVID-19 risks, in-office sessions are no longer available. No date for return to in-office sessions is known at this time.

Your Level of Support Need

Because I am a solo-practitioner and only work in my practice part-time, I cannot accept clients who have higher support needs, such as folks who are actively experiencing suicidal ideation, eating disorder(s), personality disorder(s), or those who are in crisis. If I determine that I cannot meet your needs after accepting you as a client, I will help you find someone who his more available to provide the level of care appropriate for your healing.

Cultural Fit

A note if you are are white: My cultural style may not be the right fit for you. I am a direct person as a result of my own cultural background and way of being in the world. Some white folx have provided feedback that the directness feels bad for them or, worse, feels like judgement. I assure you that it is not, but I absolutely do not wish to cause harm so I encourage you to look elsewhere or allow me to find you a referral if you are in need of a different communication style. I am human, like you, and cannot perfectly match your style; nor do I feel I should. I believe that experiencing discomfort is part of healing, and that showing up to talk through rifts in communication, style, phrasing, etc. in the therapeutic relationship is part of that work. It is possible that you are not in the place to be able to do that work right now and I do not think any less of you because of it. I just want to make sure you get the care you need with someone who suits you.

Therapeutic Frequency

Please note that the minimum frequency of sessions that I believe to be therapeutic is every other week. It’s okay if you have to miss the occasional session, but overall, we should be checking in with each other at least twice a month. I also practice from a long-term, depth-oriented approach and do not provide “brief” interventions, nor crisis stabilization one-offs. While I don’t have a specific time frame to refer to, several months is necessary, at the least, for therapeutic efficacy, in my experience.

Intake Information

I typically start folx out with a free 20-minute phone consultation. During that time, we can both ask each other questions and get a bit of a feel for each other. I will use the time assess my ability to serve your needs. If I determine that you would be better served by a colleague at any point in the process, I will provide a referral for you to someone I trust!

If you and I both feel we will work well together, we will get your first session on the calendar at the end of the call. That time will be held for you and you will need to notify me at least 48 hours in advance if you need to change or reschedule. Once your booking is confirmed, I will send you the address for my home office or give you a bit more information about teletherapy sessions.

Session Information

If coming in person to my home office: Please do not show up early for your appointment as I may be finishing up with another client. There should be no overlap if clients arrive at their specified appointment time. Unfortunately, I do not have a confidential waiting room, so if you are in the area early, you may need to spend some time at the cafe or the library, both down the road a couple of blocks.

My cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to your appointment time. I do not make exceptions for any reason. You will be charged a full session fee if you do not provide at least 48 hour notice of cancellation or reschedule.

*Please note that payment for each session will be due at the end of each session. Carrying a balance due is not possible except in rare instances. If you need to pay via credit card, there will be an additional $4.00 fee to cover card fees.