Online sessions only due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 risks, in-office sessions are no longer available. No date for return to in-office sessions is known at this time.


If you are unable to come to my home office for any reason and you live in the state of Washington, I can provide video or telephone counseling sessions. I will have to obtain some verification that you are currently in the state of Washington before we can begin. Also, I will not be able to provide services during any time you are outside of the state (for example, if you are here for school and go back to another state for the summer, we would have to suspend our sessions until your return to the state), because of licensing requirements.

Home Office

My practice is operated in a private room out of my home in Shoreline, Washington. The house is very small and from the 1940s. The space is lively, colorful, and very lived in. This environment may not be soothing for people with sensitivity to small spaces and bright/complicated textures with nooks and crannies filled with evidence of “nerd culture”. The space is also not wheelchair accessible. People using mobility canes/equipment will also encounter difficulty navigating tight corners and the sharp edges of furniture (I know this from experience with my father, who is blind), so I recommend you allow me to find and refer you to someone who is set up to better meet your needs. I apologize for the inaccessibility and plan to obtain an accessible office space one day a week just as soon as I can afford it!

**For those who reside in Washington state, but cannot make it in person to sessions, I can now also provide video conferencing or telephone sessions. I cannot work with anyone outside of Washington state, even if you are only temporarily traveling.**

The household contains dogs, cats, and other humans. Your privacy is deeply respected, and during session times, you will not encounter any humans other than Michelle. Some measures have been taken to reduce the possibility for allergic reaction to the animals by the use of air purifiers and vacuuming, but if you are severely allergic to animals, please do not risk coming to sessions with me. The house is also not scent-free and at times there may be the presence of cut flowers or the use of essential oils.

I am near 175th St and 5th Ave NE and accessible via the 373, 347, and 348 King County Metro bus lines. Parking for your car while you are in session is provided in my driveway.